I started designing and making clothes 26 years ago. The bride's dress, the decoration, the colours, the length of the skirt determine the whole atmosphere of the wedding. The look of the wedding dress and the wedding venue should be in harmony. This determines the colour and shape of the other decorative elements! My collections therefore cover a wide range, so that everyone can choose the most perfect dress for the big day.

It is important to know that I make a small number of pieces in my manufactory, so a dress normally takes 6-8 months to make.

I always strive to make the dress of the highest quality.

In a manufactory, I do all the tailoring, modelling and sewing of the important technical details. I do not outsource the sewing process, a maximum of 2 people work on a model, so we ensure the highest quality when making in a manufactory.

The time has come for me to show, as an independent brand, what makes an Andrea Metzger wedding dress luxury and what a product made in a manufactory means.